About Us


Nestled along the famous Indian River Lagoon, on Florida’s Space Coast, is a Seattle-style coffeehouse started in 1996 by Dale & Sheree Longstreet. Their passion for fresh, in-store roasted gourmet coffee and all the beverages that are created around them was an instant hit. Their products became extremely popular immediately and a staple item in thousands of homes across the country. If you’re in the area please stop in for a cup and take a pound home. You can also find us and order our products at www.indianrivercoffee.com

The Black Drink

Even in the 1500’s, the Timucua Indians, hunting along the Indian River Lagoon of Flordia’s Space Coast, enjoyed a beverage known to them as The Black Drink. Brewed from roasted Yaupon Holly leaves, native to North America, their caffeine content served an important cultural role. Caffeine helps you sweat. In the Timucua belief structure, this sweating allowed the drinker to remove physical and spiritual impurities from his system.

Only adult men could partake of the black drink. These men sipped at the black drink in morning gatherings while they discussed things of importance. Sound familiar?

So the next time you need a stimulating beverage or just have the need to gather with friends and discuss things of importance, come to Indian River Coffee and enjoy our little bit of American history… The Black Drink.